Portfolio Update May 2021 – Stress and losses

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Welcome to the Portfolio update of May 2021. Sorry for the rather late post, looks like working for a Startup that is about to launch a product is a somewhat stressful and exhausting experience. Find out more in this monthly portfolio update.

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Portfolio Update April 2021 – Changes

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Welcome to the Portfolio update of April 2021. Looks like leaving jobs is quite profitable. Another 96k CHF added to our net worth. I hope this year keeps going like this (spoiler: it won’t).

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Business Idea: Digital Graveyard

Today’s business idea: Picking up the latest NFT craziness and giving it a spiritual twist: A digital graveyard to remember your deceased loved ones.

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Business Idea: Assembling Service Marketplace

Today’s business idea: Assembling Service Marketplace for a multitude of things. Basically everything that can be also shipped/transported after assembling.

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Portfolio Update March 2021 – We are Millionaires!!!

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Welcome to the Portfolio update of March 2021. You read it correctly we’re millionaires! Our net worth hit 1’010k CHF.

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Portfolio Update February 2021 – +337k NW!!

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Welcome to the Portfolio update of February 2021. Who taught December was crazy? January was the real deal. 73k income, 250k re-evaluation of the apartment value!

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Expat Guide to Switzerland: House/Apartment rental

Today I tell you what acceptable rents are and what you should consider when renting a place in Switzerland. tl;dr: Never ever spend more than 30% of your net salary otherwise you’re being ripped off.

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Business Ideas: YouTube Music channels

Today’s business idea was recorded with the Google recorder app to try and see if my throughput in writing increases if I dictate the content by voice first. Today’s business idea: Basically a collection of different YouTube channel ideas.

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Portfolio Update January 2021 – +69k CHF Net Worth O.o

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Happy new year and welcome to the Portfolio update of January 2021. What a month! Exceptionally good stock market performance and cryptos going thru the roof.

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Business Ideas: “best credit card cashback” app

Todays business idea: An app for figuring out which credit card to use for which purchase. I personally have 3 different credit cards I use regularly and all of them have different benefits and disadvantages.

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