Who am I?

I’m a Swiss guy in my mid 30’s living and working in Switzerland who recently got interested in FIRE (financial independence, retire early) and plans to retire in 10 to 20 years. I have a wonderful wife and an almost 4 year old son.

I currently make around 250k+ CHF from my job in IT at a very big global internet company small crypto startup. I also do have some very small side gigs like web hosting and security bug bounty hunting and online storage/backup solutions.

My P2P investment strategy/policy

I’d like to diversify my portfolio by investing 100k CHF in P2P lending in 2020. The investments should have the following attributes:

  • Euro denominated P2P platforms only (might not be the best idea as a Swiss)
  • Minimum XIRR of 12% or more
  • Only invest in loans with Buy-Back Guarantee

I abandoned P2P investing in August 2020 because I believe it’s not a sustainable/legitimate way of investing.

My stock market investment strategy/policy

I’d like to keep it as simple as possible and will mostly buy Vanguard Total Market ETF (60%) and ARK Innovations Fund ETF (15%) and 10%/15% in AVDV/AVUV (US Small Cap) respectively.

My FIRE goals

  • Level 1: 100’000 CHF stock portfolio / 500’000 CHF net worth -> reached in December 2020
  • Level 2: 250’000 CHF stock portfolio / 750’000 CHF net worth
  • Level 3: 500’000 CHF stock portfolio / 1’000’000 CHF net worth
  • Level 4: 1’000’000 CHF stock portfolio / 1’500’000 CHF net worth
  • Level 5: 2’000’000 CHF stock portfolio / 2’500’000 CHF net worth (FIRE goal)

Why is this blog called fondue.blog?

My wife came up with the idea. Financial investing can sometimes be like a cheese fondue, you stick some bread (money) into it and most of the time you get it back with some delicious cheese (interest) around it and sometimes you completely lose the bread in the pot. Also it’s a memorable and short domain.


The information on this blog is not investment advice. I’m simply documenting my journey towards financial freedom.

I’m not associated with any of the investment platforms I use. Everything described here reflects my experience and my opinion.

The blog contains affiliate links. If you click on any links and decide to invest in any of the products or services, I might earn a commission. Sometimes you will receive a small bonus for using my links. I think it’s a win/win situation for everyone.

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