Business Idea: Digital Graveyard

Today’s business idea: Picking up the latest NFT craziness and giving it a spiritual twist: A digital graveyard to remember your deceased loved ones.

The problem statement

With todays globalization families often live apart in different towns, cities and even countries or continents. When a beloved one now dies they usually get buried at one specific graveyard in their hometown. So everyone that want to remember their relatives and loved ones have to travel and visit the grave. There is no digital place to mourn and remember a deceased person.

The proposed solution / business idea

Let’s build a digital graveyard where people can “bury” their loved ones in a digital fashion. With a unique link (either public or private) for others to visit and leave their memorabilia or digital flowers. Each grave would have a name, the birth and dead dates and optionally a picture.

The potential upselling / side-effects

The following things could be added on-top of this idea:

  • Monetization: There could be digital flowers or custom grave stones or other decorations to decorate the grave or other memorabilia like maybe NFT artworks that the person liked or owned. There could be services to add flowers or candles to the grave every year automatically for a little fee.
  • Blockchain integrated: Following the NFT craziness the whole graveyard could live on the blockchain basically ensuring an eternal manifestation of each deceased person.

The risks

There are some difficulties around the idea:

  • Popularity might depend on spiritual openness of people.
  • It’s a somewhat morbid topic which might not resonate well.


If you know a place, an app or company which already provides/implemented this business idea, please let me know in the comments. You like my idea and/or plan to start a company/app based on it and would like to make me participate, refine the idea, consult or own a stake? Please reach out to

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