Sad news: Laid off again :'(

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From the prospect of hiring my first team to being laid off within a few weeks, that’s startup life for you…

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Business Idea: Digital Graveyard

Today’s business idea: Picking up the latest NFT craziness and giving it a spiritual twist: A digital graveyard to remember your deceased loved ones.

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Business Idea: Assembling Service Marketplace

Today’s business idea: Assembling Service Marketplace for a multitude of things. Basically everything that can be also shipped/transported after assembling.

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Business Ideas: YouTube Music channels

Today’s business idea was recorded with the Google recorder app to try and see if my throughput in writing increases if I dictate the content by voice first. Today’s business idea: Basically a collection of different YouTube channel ideas.

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Business Ideas: “best credit card cashback” app

Todays business idea: An app for figuring out which credit card to use for which purchase. I personally have 3 different credit cards I use regularly and all of them have different benefits and disadvantages.

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Business Ideas: Social Network Assistant

Todays business idea: Social Network Assistant aka The Friendship app. Bring social network back to real life and get help managing meeting your friends in real life.

Might not exactly be the right time for this idea due to COVID-19 tho.

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Business Ideas: Uber for restaurant/catering staff

I present you another business idea: The Uber for restaurant staff/catering events. Flexible waiter/server staff for flexible needs.

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Business Ideas: Mobile-first Restaurant

I present you the mobile-first restaurant idea. Cut down waiter round-trips and let guests use the phones they already have.

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