Cashback Credit Card Review 2021 – up to 8% cashback on all purchases!

As you might have read my review of Revolut Metal you probably know that I’m a big fan of cashback credit cards. I’ve used my Revolut Metal card on a daily basis and thanks to Google Pay I even left my wallet at home on several occasions during the last 3 years or so.

But there’s something new, something much better available now! With up to 8% cashback!

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Business Idea: Digital Graveyard

Today’s business idea: Picking up the latest NFT craziness and giving it a spiritual twist: A digital graveyard to remember your deceased loved ones.

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Business Idea: Assembling Service Marketplace

Today’s business idea: Assembling Service Marketplace for a multitude of things. Basically everything that can be also shipped/transported after assembling.

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Business Ideas: YouTube Music channels

Today’s business idea was recorded with the Google recorder app to try and see if my throughput in writing increases if I dictate the content by voice first. Today’s business idea: Basically a collection of different YouTube channel ideas.

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Business Ideas: “best credit card cashback” app

Todays business idea: An app for figuring out which credit card to use for which purchase. I personally have 3 different credit cards I use regularly and all of them have different benefits and disadvantages.

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How to create beautiful Sankey Diagrams

I was asked by several readers how I create the Sankey diagrams in my monthly updates. So I thought I write a quick post about it.

Kudos to Tony whom I asked originally because I’ve seen the Sankey diagrams in his monthly updates and liked them a lot.

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How to setup QNAP Cloud Backup using Infomaniak Swiss Backup

I recently setup a QNAP Backup for my NAS and realized that the documentation available from Infomaniak for QNAP is a bit outdated. So I thought to write an article about it. Infomaniak offers a product called “Swiss Backup” (affiliate link, I earn a little commission when using this link) where they guarantee that all data stays safe in Switzerland. They have a 90 Day free trial and afterward pretty competitive pricing for Swiss standards.

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7 things I wished I knew before I bought/built my apartment and 6 things I would do again

The floorplan of my 100sqm apartment which I bought/built in 2016/2017.

In 2016 after breaking up with my girlfriend of that time I started looking into buying an apartment close to work. I’ve seen one being offered for almost 5 months for a reasonable price and in August 2016 I started checking it out. It was a 100sqm apartment in a 4 floor house (plus basement) with 5 other apartments. The apartment I was interested in was kept by the owner of the land as a potential apartment for himself and it was pretty much in a raw state. That means no floors (except for the concrete and heating pipes) and no finish on the walls and no built-in closets. The price: 810k CHF plus one parking spot for 40k CHF totaling in 850k CHF.

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Business Ideas: Social Network Assistant

Todays business idea: Social Network Assistant aka The Friendship app. Bring social network back to real life and get help managing meeting your friends in real life.

Might not exactly be the right time for this idea due to COVID-19 tho.

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Business Ideas: Uber for restaurant/catering staff

I present you another business idea: The Uber for restaurant staff/catering events. Flexible waiter/server staff for flexible needs.

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