Portfolio Update August 2022 – +27k CHF NW and course correction

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Welcome to the Portfolio update of August 2022. Stocks and Crypto recovered a bit in July. However I manned up and went for a course correction… by changing my job.

Personal update

In July I continued interviewing with a couple of companies. Originally I wanted to use the offers at hand to renegotiate the bonus with the current company but after thinking over a weekend I realized that the career and financial opportunity of one of them were too good to be missed.

So in the last week of July I resigned after only 8 months as an Site Reliability Engineer. The new job will be in a small startup that aspires a 10x or 100x in the next few years. I’ll be the IT Infrastructure Security Lead and make sure the company doesn’t get hacked. I don’t want to disclose too much about the compensation details but if everything goes along the plan this might be my last gig. I will keep blogging and you might be able to do your own math.

Otherwise July was rather chill, some bouldering, some D&D nights with friends and a bunch of hikes with the family. My son loves cable cars and gondolas so if it was up to him we would go to the mountains every single day.

Quitting the job will also come with an unexpected 2.5 weeks of vacation which I will probably use to focus on working out a bit more and going for hikes with the family. Maybe some last minute trip to some island would be nice. We’ll see.

Savings Rate: July 2022

Income / Expenses / Savings Rate for 2022

Cash flow: July 2022

Cash Flow Sankey Diagram / All numbers in CHF

Total Income: 15’453 CHF (-2’666 CHF vs. June) – Regular salary plus oncall compensation plus ~2.5k CHF in crypto from the validators. The validators didn’t yield as much as last month, I hope they recover a bit.

Total Expenses: 9’401 CHF (+874 CHF vs. June) (28’976.86 CHF incl. taxes) the cumulated expenses for the validators hit with 2’637 CHF. And a bit of splurging on electronics, I’ve got a new Dyson AM07 fan for my home office and some Beyerdynamics Free Byrd in-ear headphones for my commute, replacing the Pixel Buds that kept loosing connection when the phone was in my pocket. Doctor expenses are also still rather high. I’ve also paid 19’575 CHF in taxes this month by using a margin loan on my IBKR portfolio (will get repaid in the next 4 months, maybe even less).

Savings Rate: 39.16% (-13.78 vs. June) – Too low 🙁 However this should improve drastically with the new job which I start in September.

Net Worth: 916k CHF (+27k CHF vs. June) – A bit of recovery

Stock Portfolio

Stock Portfolio value: 239’278 CHF (+17’214.45 CHF vs. June)

Stock Symbol
Fundsmith T Acc Mutual Fund
Stock Portfolio end of July 2022

The monthly 5k CHF went to repay the 20k CHF margin loan I’ve took out. No new stock purchases right now. The market recovered a bit which was one of the main contributors to the positive net worth this months.

Crypto HODL Portfolio

Current HODL portfolio value: 165’750 CHF (~6.7 BTC / 137 KSM / 665 DOT / 92100 CRO / 4.5k+ PHA) (+24’751 CHF vs. June)

I’ve sold 30k PHA because the price was rather ok at 0.11$, it further increased towards the end of the month.

Blog statistics

Views: 1212 (+176 vs. June) Yay a little increase again.
Visitors: 454 (+78 vs. June) Looks like visitors go up with net worth, nice!
Followers: 50 (+0 vs. June) Couldn’t convince anybody to subscribe 🙁

I posted 1 blog post in July, the monthly update. If you have ideas or are interested in more details let me know in the comments.

That’s it for this month. Like last month let me know if you like the style and the ordering of topics.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message below or contact me by email. I try to answer all comments and emails.

7 Replies to “Portfolio Update August 2022 – +27k CHF NW and course correction”

  1. As long as you consider it as a lucky punch. Just wanted to remind how your last start up adventure ended. I doubt in the current enviroment will nothing work out as planned.

  2. I know, I know. I think this time it will be different as I can more directly influence the success of the product and company as I’ll directly be working with the C-levels. Famous last words, well even if it doesn’t work out, the offer itself is worth my time.

  3. Hi Mr Cheese, do you plan on doing a post about your validator side gig? I’d be interested to read about it if so.
    Congrats on the new job!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and nice words. I’m not sure if the validator stuff is worth a post, it’s rather technical and mainly works for me because I collaborate with a friend that has lots of connections with funds.

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