Updated: 01.06.2020

P2P Portfolio by Platforms:

Portfolio value: 57 389 EUR
Passive income: 348.15 EUR
Current projected yearly interest rate (excluding losses): 11.33%

For simplicity I account a 1:1 exchange rate for EUR to CHF conversion. The P2P Portfolio is mostly in EUR.

Bondster5039 EUR
Crowdestor4736 EUR
DoFinance4850 EUR
FastInvest3033 EUR
Flender1045 EUR
Grupeer4787 EUR
IuvoGroup5066 EUR
Mintos6005 EUR
Monethera2047 EUR
PeerBerry5054 EUR
RoboCash4865 EUR
Swaper5059 EUR
Viventor4800 EUR
Wisefund1000 EUR
Total57389 EUR

Total Net Worth:

Current Net Worth: 419k CHF

This is my current Net Worth Portfolio. The P2P Portfolio is mostly in EUR which gets converted in CHF at the daily rate.

I do not plan to go into details of my other assets in this blog as it focuses on the P2P Portfolio story.

Income of other European P2P Bloggers: