Post series: Technical Reviews

As previously announced I will start a post series with a technical review/analysis of the different platforms. You will be able to find them at the Technical Reviews page.

This is the list of the areas I will look into:

  • Bad Press: do other bloggers write negatively about the platform?
  • Owners/Team public: are the owners or the people working at a platform discoverable?
  • Company records: does the company have publicly available records in a business register or similar?
  • Technological Analysis
    • Webhoster: Is the page hosted on a known cloud or by some other company?
    • DNS Records: Are the DNS records public and pointing to the same registered address?
    • Available in origin country: Is the platform available for local investors?
  • Verdict: Given the information I found, is the platform likely to be a fraud/scam?

Based on the outcome of these reviews I will very likely reduce the number of platforms I’m investing in to 5-8.

Do you think I’m missing anything in the list of reviewed items? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned…

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