Savings Rate

Updated: 03.09.2023

Here you can see the statistics for my income, expenses and savings rate.
For 2023 I’ll aim at a savings rate of 60%+.

“Net income” is the net amount of money which lands on my bank account.
“Expenses” are all money leaving our bank account.

The savings graphs/numbers exclude taxes, but include them explicitly in the yearly savings rate on a dedicated line.


MonthNet IncomeExpensesSavedSavings rate in %
Jan-2328’086 CHF27’331 CHF755 CHF2.69%
Feb-2328’223 CHF9’740 CHF54’482 CHF65.49%
Mar-2327’546 CHF19’956 CHF7’589 CHF27.55%
Apr-2327’601 CHF5’571 CHF22’029 CHF79.81%
May-2322’049 CHF8’243 CHF13’805 CHF62.61%
Jun-2319’432 CHF8’810 CHF10’621 CHF54.66%
Jul-2316’307 CHF6’761 CHF9’545 CHF58.54%
Aug-2313’935 CHF5’315 CHF8’620 CHF61.86%
Total 2023182’895 CHF91’729 CHF91’165 CHF49.85%
Total 2023 (incl. Taxes)182’895 CHF112’161 CHF70’733 CHF38.67%


MonthNet IncomeExpensesSavedSavings rate in %
Jan-2212’678 CHF6’820 CHF5’857 CHF46.20%
Feb-2213’488 CHF4’389 CHF9’099 CHF67.46%
Mar-2259’043 CHF13’039 CHF46’004 CHF77.92%
Apr-2215’889 CHF7’779 CHF8’110 CHF51.04%
May-2216’207 CHF8’897 CHF7’310 CHF45.10%
Jun-2218’119 CHF8’527 CHF9’592 CHF52.94%
Jul-2215’453 CHF9’401 CHF6’052 CHF39.16%
Aug-2217’710 CHF7’737 CHF9’973 CHF56.31%
Sep-2224’707 CHF7’277 CHF17’430 CHF70.55%
Oct-2238’384 CHF11’713 CHF26’670 CHF69.48%
Nov-2229’521 CHF12’119 CHF17’402 CHF58.95%
Dec-2229’015 CHF27’913 CHF1’102 CHF3.80%
Total 2022290’214 CHF125’612 CHF164’601 CHF56.72%
Total 2022 (incl. Taxes)290’214 CHF165’090 CHF125’124 CHF43.11%


MonthNet IncomeExpensesSavedSavings rate in %
Jan-2173’272 CHF4’188 CHF69’084 CHF94.28%
Feb-2112’066 CHF10’026 CHF2’040 CHF16.91%
Mar-2131’758 CHF8’028 CHF23’729 CHF74.72%
Apr-2112’017 CHF8’249 CHF3’768 CHF31.36%
May-2112’307 CHF3’844 CHF8’462 CHF68.76%
Jun-2119’610 CHF10’111 CHF9’499 CHF48.44%
Jul-2112’444 CHF6’908 CHF5’536 CHF44.49%
Aug-21 28’099 CHF 10’594 CHF 17’505 CHF 62.30%
Sep-21 9’420 CHF 7’731 CHF 1’689 CHF 17.94%
Oct-21 9’675 CHF 23’025 CHF -13’350 CHF-137.98%
Nov-21 14’975 CHF 5’665 CHF 9’310 CHF 62.17%
Dec-21 15’643 CHF 16’653 CHF-1’010 CHF-6.46%
Total 2021251’270 CHF114’985 CHF136’285 CHF54.24%
Total 2021 (incl. Taxes)251’270 CHF147’369 CHF103’901 CHF41.35%


MonthNet IncomeExpensesSavedSavings rate in %
Jan-2069’837 CHF5’679 CHF64’157 CHF91.87%
Feb-2011’683 CHF5’670 CHF 6’012 CHF51.46%
Mar-2010’969 CHF6’769 CHF 4’200 CHF38.29%
Apr-2011’158 CHF3’680 CHF 7’477 CHF67.02%
May-2010’927 CHF5’368 CHF5’559 CHF50.87%
Jun-2011’088 CHF9’599 CHF1’488 CHF13.42%
Jul-2035’601 CHF9’391 CHF26’209 CHF73.62%
Aug-2012’164 CHF8’059 CHF4’104 CHF33.74%
Sep-2011’557 CHF7’394 CHF4’163 CHF36.02%
Oct-2012’007 CHF7’281 CHF4’726 CHF39.36%
Nov-2012’134 CHF2’969 CHF9’165 CHF75.53%
Dec-2022’972 CHF18’675 CHF4’297 CHF18.71%
Total 2020232’098 CHF90’538 CHF141’559 CHF60.99%
Total 2020 (incl. Taxes)232’098 CHF141’559 CHF104’808 CHF45.16%


Savings Rate 2019
MonthNet IncomeExpensesSavedSavings rate in %
Jan-1940’734 CHF8’042 CHF32’692 CHF80.26%
Feb-1911’916 CHF8’395 CHF3’521 CHF29.55%
Mar-1911’442 CHF7’066 CHF4’376 CHF38.25%
Apr-1912’704 CHF8’901 CHF3’803 CHF29.93%
May-1911’724 CHF9’319 CHF2’405 CHF20.51%
Jun-1911’304 CHF9’631 CHF1’673 CHF14.80%
Jul-1932’365 CHF19’288 CHF13’077 CHF40.40%
Aug-1912’611 CHF7’164 CHF5’447 CHF43.19%
Sep-1911’330 CHF28’658 CHF-17’328 CHF-152.94%
Oct-1911’518 CHF6’077 CHF5’441 CHF47.24%
Nov-1911’644 CHF5’762 CHF5’882 CHF50.51%
Dec1950’745 CHF14’987 CHF35’758 CHF70.47%
Total 2019 (incl. Taxes)230’036 CHF133’289 CHF96’747 CHF42.06%
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