Second round: Investing another 30k EUR in different P2P Lending platforms

After creating my P2P portfolio with 30k EUR in the beginning of January, it’s time to document the second round.

This time around I invested 29.7k EUR (or 31.7k CHF thanks to the free conversion fees from Revolut) in 11 platforms which I personally think have a higher chance of being legit. After loosing 2 000 EUR with the sudden disappearance of Envestio I selected the platforms a bit more carefully.

Out of the original 15 Platforms I disqualified the following ones:

  • Flender: There was a lot of cash drag and no available projects on the marketplace. AutoFlend then invested in about 1 project per week. In addition their interest rates of around 8% didn’t meet my 12%+ portfolio goal despite the attractive 5% cashback offer. I even withdrew 1 025 EUR from the platform and sent it to Robocash.
  • Monethera: Some of their projects look fishy. There were also rumors about connections between Monethera and Envestio.
  • Wisefund: There I was mostly annoyed about the lack of projects. If they operated legitemately they wouldn’t stop putting up new projects just because two other platforms collapse. Red flags for me. I too moved a 1 000 EUR which were cash dragging from Wisefund to Robocash.
  • Agrikaab: I have not seen my money being put to work in anyway on that platform. They also recently sent an email about transforming the platform to micro loans. Not sure what will happen to the existing funds.

So to the other I’ve sent 2 700 EUR each. Here’s a table of the amount of deposits to each platform so far.

PlatformTotal Deposits
Agrikaab2 000 USD
Bondster4 700 EUR
Crowdestor4 700 EUR
DoFinance4 700 EUR
FastInvest4 700 EUR
Flender1 000 EUR
Grupeer4 700 EUR
IuvoGroup4 700 EUR
Mintos4 700 EUR
Monethera4 700 EUR
PeerBerry4 700 EUR
RoboCash4 725 EUR
Swaper4 700 EUR
Viventor4 700 EUR
Wisefund1 000 EUR
Total Deposited60 425 EUR

The deposits happened around the 3rd of February and I hope the money is able to generate some nice income this month already.

I will soon start a post series about due diligence of each platform. I will check if there are owners existing with valid LinkedIn profiles, if the companies hide their buisness addresses and where they are hosting their websites.

Let me know what you think, do you like my posts so far? Feel free to subscribe or use one of the links to the platforms to support this blog.

4 Replies to “Second round: Investing another 30k EUR in different P2P Lending platforms”

  1. Hi
    Nice boost to your P2P portfolio and I can fully understand why you disqualified some platforms for further cash additions. Personally, from your list/portfolio I like Mintos, Iuvo and Peerberry most.
    Grupeer has a lot to like but I‘d appreciate more transparency. Fastinvest is a position I reduced to zero. Why are they not disclosing loan originators and their finances?
    I am in the process of rebalancing myself, which is good and necessary after the January debacles.
    Keep up building a strong P2P portfolio providing you with reliable passive income.

  2. Hi Financial Shaper,
    Thanks for your comment. I dislike Peerberry a bit for them advertising 13% interest rates when in reality I’ve only seen up to 12.5% interest rates in the available loans. At least they do have 7 seemingly real people behind the platform (from the linkedin link on their page).
    I might be a bit irrational with FastInvest but I’m optimistic with them.

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