Starting my P2P Portfolio – But how?

I analysed the performance of 6 different EU P2P investing blogs to figure out which platforms offer the highest returns. However historic performance is never an indicator for future performance.

So remember my investment strategy/policy? No? Check it out in the About page.

Let’s get right to the point, I will have ~30k CHF available to invest on 1st of January and another 30k CHF by the end of January. So my portfolio should be around 60k CHF/EUR at the beginning of February 2020.


Let’s check out the XIRR of the 6 best performing EU P2P investing blogs:

thewealthyfinn.comfinanciallyfree.euThe 10k€ Clubcrowdexpert.eumycrowdlending.euonemillionjourney.comAvg. XIRR
Iuvo Group15.27%15.27%

And that’s it, these 15 platforms qualify for my 12% XIRR minimum target. I will add (affiliate) links to each of the platforms in the table after I signed up with them.


I will therefore try to invest 2’000 € in each of the platforms beginning in the first weeks of January. When the January salary + bonus rolls in I will add another 2’000 € by the end of January/beginning of February.

Wish me luck!

Leave some comments below and let me know if you think my approach makes sense. Please subscribe to new blog posts on the right hand side.

Thanks for reading.

Update 25.12.2019

Jørgen from published some background information about Kuetzal which clearly disqualifies the platform for me. A potential owner that was historically involved into money laundering and another owner which is too shy to show up to a meeting are two clear red flags. I will put the 4’000 € therefore in other platforms instead.

Update 26.12.2019

I’ve added PeerBerry as the new candidate platform. It should be able to perform above 12% when using the correct AutoInvest settings.

3 Replies to “Starting my P2P Portfolio – But how?”

  1. Hi Mr Cheese.
    Great selection of platforms! It will be interesting to see how they all perform. I look forward to tracking your portfolio!
    Matt / thewahman

    1. Hi Matt, thanks for stopping by. I’m very curious about it myself. I’ll plan to publish monthly portfolio updates so hope to see you again in February 🙂

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