Pulling out of P2P Investing after 9 months

When I started this blog I had the goal to document my journey to financial independence and generally have a place where I can talk about money and finances. We’re 9 months later and face total profits of 2114 EUR vs. losses of 8720 EUR (including Grupeer which still has a chance to recover).

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Envestio vanished – Wisefund next?

So it looks like the collapse of Kuetzal triggered some kind of Bank run. The Envestio website is currently not reachable. After some very unprofessional Twitter duelling with a apparent industry insider RPeerDuck (Twitter profile deleted now due to death threats). Are my 2’006 € from Envestio gone then? Very likely. I have yet to filed a Police report with the Estonian Police.

The last message posted on Tuesday the 21st of January 2020 from Envestio :

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Kuetzal shutting down!

Kuetzal logo
Source: Kuetzal

Kuetzal is effectively shutting down operations. Since I signed up for Kuetzal but didn’t end up investing in the platform I get email updates from them. This is the email I got today:

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