On this page I link some products and services I personally use on my way to FIRE. All the links are affiliate links and you will support the blog by using them. There are no additional cost to you when using those links!

Credit Cards / Banking


Revolut is a UK based neo-bank providing all the banking needs from an App. I use my Revolut cards for all non-CHF payments online and when travelling internationally. I also use Revolut for all CHF transactions because I almost always pay with my phone with NFC. The Metal plan provides 1% cashback outside of Europe and 0.1% within Europe. Read my blog post about Revolut here.

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Zak (Swiss residents only)

Zak is another free neo-bank with the Bank Cler behind them. They have a few more features than Neon like different spending pots. You also get a free Maestro card.

Sign up here and use the code “NSUY5P”, you and I will get 25 CHF.

Neon (Swiss residents only)

Neon is a Swiss neo-bank and is a product of the Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG and therefore the assets are fully covered by the Swiss banking insurance (up to 100k CHF per person). I park my Savings & Tax money there. They also have a free Mastercard credit card which seemingly has lower exchange rates than Revolut on the weekends (not yet tested).

Sign up here and use the code “fondueblog”, you and I will get 10 CHF. Creditcard

Up to 5% cashback on a credit card! I use this service for my daily purchases and get 3% back on every purchase (I’m on the Royal Indigo tier). Works smoothly with the downside of no Google Pay / Apple Pay support just yet. Read my blog post about the credit card here.

Sign up here and use the referral code “xjg7m4kxyk”, you and I will get 25 USD. I can no longer recommend for new sign-ups as they cut down rewards significantly.


Interactive Broker

Best online broker I know. Low cost trading and zero account fees (above 100k CHF/USD assets). Much cheaper than Swiss alternatives.

Sign up here and get free IBKR share(s), I will get 200 USD.


For my small gambling crypto portfolio I use Binance. They are one of the biggest Crypto currency exchanges, rather easy to use and offer almost all currency pairs.

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Travel / Transport


Whenever I travel internationally be it within the EU or in the US / Mexico I use data-only eSIM cards to stay connected with the internet. Airalo works with hundreds of mobile network providers and offers highly competitive data packages of varying sizes and durations.

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A Tesla Model S P85D Tesla Model S Plaid is my main family car. It’s a spacious and very quick car. Tesla is the only car company which provides continuous updates to their cars be it for autonomous driving or added entertainment options.

Sign up here to get free 1500km at Tesla Superchargers the current referral program ended.